Conscious Evolution

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When there were less than 10,000 specimens of Homo-Sapiens in the entire world, it was sufficient that we were the result of evolutionary processes; we were not involved in the evolutionary process and certainly not in any conscious way.

By the time of Darwin, the population of Homo-Sapiens on the earth was something in the order of 1 billion people and, by that time, it could be said that Homo-Sapiens became aware, for the very first time, that they were in some way involved in the evolutionary process. It is not that we were not involved in evolution before; it is just that we were not aware that we were involved.

We now have 6 billion specimens of Homo-Sapiens in the world. It is clear we are involved in the evolutionary process. It is also clear that, for the past 100 plus years, we are now aware of the fact that we are involved in the evolutionary process. However, as significantly, with the critical mass of Homo-Sapiens we now have, we are now in a position of driving the evolutionary process in a more meaningful way.

We are driving that process specifically with respect to what we do each day and what effect what we do is having on other co-inhabitants of the earth. We are also driving in that, with that critical mass, we are beginning to understand the root elements of how to alter evolutionary processes as we begin altering DNA and eventuating desired genetic outputs. And it can potentially be said that an increasing level of conscious awareness could potentially be leading to an awareness of our influence over consciousness as an evolutionary force in the universe.


Original writing date: June 18, 2008

Posted August 19, 2009