Goodnight, Susan

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Susan Bean had been an associate of ours for a very long time. She was in customer service and was a tremendous spirit.

As we laid off so many people, Susan continued to stay on as a customer service rep. She was known to and loved by so many, past and present Dynetech associates.

From one day to the very next, she experienced symptoms which immediately put her in the hospital. She spent the next three months in the hospital, for progressive periods of time, until she came out no more.

Her death was shocking to us all and painful to more than you can imagine.

Dynetech held a ceremony for her at the downtown Orlando Presbyterian Church.

The HR department had asked if I would stand up and say a few words. I just couldn’t. But, I felt that I might have an opportunity to write some music that could best express our joint feelings for her passing away.

Click the icon above for a copy of that song, which once again, represents the best I could do artistically, but hopefully a reflection of the sentiments we all felt.