Forever and a Day

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So, my 16th anniversary was coming up with Janet. And Janet looked at me, very lightly, and asked me if she was “chicken liver”. I asked her what she was talking about and she said I had written music in the past couple years, some specific and some general, but that I had not done anything for her.

It was really light and I’m sure she intended it to be a gentle swipe, but it was real. I took it as such.

Since we only had about two weeks left between the time she side-swiped me and the actually anniversary date, I thought she was kidding. A few days later, when she repeated it, again gently, I got the idea that she was actually serious about this.

Forever and a Day is my one week stab at an anniversary song for our 16th. As always, I disclaim any professional competency, but hope the tone and intent make up for the technical deficiencies.

See and hear below.