Orlando Sentinel’s Central Florida 100: SPACE BUSINESS BOOMING

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NASA Artemis SpaceX Starman

In the midst of a pandemic, space exploration has been exploding. NASA, in partnership with the private sector, is intent on landing a beachhead on the moon with a sustainable outpost by 2024, a project called Artemis. SpaceX is now routinely launching reusable rockets for commercial partners across the world and the 60 satellites shot into low-Earth orbit Oct. 6 now bring the total to 775. Elon Musk’s Starman and Roadster came within astronomical spitting distance of Mars this past Wednesday. Florida’s burgeoning space industry will soon be bringing our economy much more than just sci-fi thrills.

Originally posted for the Orlando Sentinel’s Central Florida 100.

Image source: www.spacex.com & www.nasa.gov


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