Orlando Sentinel’s Central Florida 100: DEMS’ MAIL-IN EDGE

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mail-in ballot

Early results in Central Florida appear to be playing out Republicans’ worst fears that the ease of mail-in voting, combined with President Trump’s waffling positions on its reliability, favor Democrats. When counting with just a week to go before the Aug. 18 primaries, 90% of the 1.8 million votes cast came from mail-ins with 815,000 from Democrats and 585,000 from Republicans. That is significantly different than the 2018 results in the August primaries, where Republicans cast 621,402 votes to the Democrats’ 564,607. Also noteworthy, in light of the suspicion that President Trump may slow down the mail, is a new hybrid: mail-in ballots dropped off at early voting sites.

Originally posted for the Orlando Sentinel’s Central Florida 100.

Image source: www.washingtonpost.com


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