Petticoat Junction Revisited

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Take a look at the little clip that I attached from an old episode of Petticoat Junction a friend of mine sent me a short while ago. I hadn’t thought of Petticoat Junction for decades, to put it mildly. However, I remember it so very well today.

I remember convincing Mom and Dad from time to time that I was so sick I had to stay in bed, in front of the TV at Larsen Air Force Base in Moses Lake, Washington, and in the early-60′s in Stratford, New Jersey.  I knew (something they didn’t) that, if I had the shot at staying home, I could watch Petticoat Junction lying in bed, pretending to be hot with a fever!

Yes, it was true that back then when Mom would leave and go in the other room, I would get on the bed and jump up and down, regardless of whether I was supposed to have a fever, but I also knew, when she was in the other room, that she wouldn’t be able to see me in any event.

Take a look at at this moment of nostalgia.  For those of you who haven’t a clue as to what you’re watching, it’s irrelevant…and OK. 

But for those young boys who lived the moment and fantasized with me, was there anything better than Petticoat Junction at puberty?



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