Life force

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So, I’m thinking, as I check out this place which is a single’s haven, that there’s probably no temporal limit to the opportunities offered by places like this. Time moves on, with it, populations grow up, and there tends to be an endless supply of young things replacing the earlier young things that are now older things. The changes which have to occur are the changes which occur in yourself as you look for personal satisfaction and emotional completion inside a life force unfolding around you.

There will definitely come a time in which I am invisible to that life force circumventing me. That time is not yet, although I see it coming by steady gradations. I do my best to keep up, but it continues to remind me that I really don’t have much choice; it will occur whether I like it or not.

Someday, I’ll look back at this moment as if it’s ancient history and lamenting that it’s gone. And I will barely remember at that time that there was a day in which I looked back today at a time in which what I experienced today was a future moment from a prior time.


Original writing date: February 8, 2008


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