I Dreamt of a Village

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Each year, I compose a poem for our annual holiday party, this year I’d like to share my poem with you. Happy holidays to all.

I once found a river swift and sublime
With powerful waters, serene and refined
It flowed through the forest and overgrown vine
Inviting a visit and a vision in rhyme

I laid back on its shores and looked up at the sky
I must have drifted off as billowy castles soared by
I seemed to dream of a place on the banks up on high
Where a village echoed with joy, laughter and sighs

I could hear the children playing−no fuller sound has God made
I could see the grown ups building on foundations well laid
I could feel the energy and purpose the village contained
I could sense the excitement of a village parade

I dreamt of the people who shared their lives there
I dreamt of their dreams and hopes and their cares
I dreamt of a place without a trace of despair
I dreamt of a place that was heartful and rare

And I thought to myself in that mystic dream state
How wonderful that village would be to create
Where kindred spirits could their lives punctuate
With each other… and sunrises… and their common fate

Where day-by-day the villagers knew
That life was an experience we together renew
Where the village landscape was painted a hue
That vibrated with colors−human, vibrant and true

I don’t know how long before those images faded behind,
Nor how long before I awoke refreshed and aligned
But I’ll never forget that moment in time
When heaven and earth stood still in my mind!


Original writing date: December 15, 2006