You Must Have Had A Past

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We’re not exactly sure what happened. “Kevin” was a wonderful associate (we call employees “associates”). He came whenever, he had a great disposition, he was truly grateful when he was appreciated, and everything else that you could imagine.

He worked for us for about 2 years. And then one day it happened.

What did happen? We’re not sure. All we know is that on a Wednesday, we got a notice of garnishment that a plaintiff had attached his wages. Our HR Department talked to him about the situation. He actually denied the fact that even though it was the same name and social security number, it had to be a different person since that wasn’t him and he had no idea who the plaintiff was. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, our HR Department called to try to verify the information. Everything appeared to be correct: the name, the social security number, the background. Nonetheless, he claimed identify theft. The next day, he was gone. And we never saw him again.


Original writing date: November 10, 2006