I Love Passion

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Give me individuals and associates who are prepared to passionately argue for a particular position. I love the passion. I love the commitment.

A Manager’s job is not necessarily to come up with the ideas. If a Manager happens to come up with some ideas, great. But there is almost a problem with that. It’s almost an inherent conflict of interest.


Because a Manager at that point has lost perspective on whether the idea is a good idea or not. A Manager is a Manager because he or she has created a certain amount of perspective with respect to understanding what the ideas are. A Manager needs to take what a particular individual associate has suggested and weigh it. Not only weigh it against itself and reality, but weigh it against other ideas about reality. The Manager’s job is to ultimately come up with what is the right answer out of all the different options available to the enterprise.

What I love most about individual associates who have passion about what they’re saying is they invest that passion in the idea they are articulating. So long as the associate understands that the enterprise may or may not accept their particular position, then bring it on.

A good Manager understands how to applaud the efforts of the associate without necessarily accepting the idea itself unless the idea is something the enterprise is prepared to support.

I love passion. And I love associates who are prepared to exercise passion.


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