Isabella’s Poetry

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Enough politics for a while.  I thought I would change the pace somewhat by posting some of Isabella’s poetry.  She is in an eighth-grade composition class and was required to do four types of poetry:  haiku, free verse, an epic/hero poem, and a Shakespearian sonnet.

I thought you’d enjoy seeing them, brought to you by a proud father!



Sunflowers smile bright

Visions of laughter and light

All come out tonight


October nights chilled

Pumpkin spice Halloween lore

Apple crisps gladden


The waves turquoise blue

Tides reflecting vibrant hue

Sunshine bursting through!


Snow falls before dawn Trickling snow falls

Glistens on its journey down

Dusts the forest floor


Footsteps crunch below

Harsh November winds surround

Amber leaves trampled!


Dragon-blood wigs haunt

Footsteps pound the shadows near

Cackles taunt young ears


Arctic Decembers

Harsh winds and hail storms descend

Depressed and sullen


Glum grey skies forbid

The wolves howl haunts the moonlight

Shadows disappear


Free Verse


Her eyelids closed as she blocked the tears from pouring down her cheek

She lost hope letting them fall to the collar of her shirt

All confidence turned into self-doubt

She weakly looked up her glass-red eyes full of fear and disappointment

Turning around she lost ability to move as a hand tightly grabbed her wrist

Pulling her harshly, the horrid face of anger haunted her mind as knuckles approached

The hand came back slapping quickly across her cheek and pushing her to the ground

The hand disappeared and she quietly lay there alone full of hurt and sadness

When all of a sudden the sadness turned into whispers and whispers turned into stars

And the world was now black through her eyes


The Adventure of A Lifetime

Hearts brighten, smiles form.

Deleting the sadness.  Erasing the storm.

Happiness appears.  Dispatching our tears.

Feeling the flutter.  Embracing each other.

He looks at her but she doesn’t see.

Her mind is racing.  To a life that can be.

As the years flew by, this moment in time.

Captured their lives in rhythm and thyme.


Epic/Hero Poem

Audrey Hepburn

“The rain in Spain fell mainly on the plain!”

For this British actress on her way to fame.

Diamonds, pearls, and necklaces galore

Black gowns and silk dresses flower evermore


Movie posters went up displaying her timeless eyes.

Her Roman start took film by surprise

From Rome to Paris Sabrina took place

Spotlighting her pure and most precious face


Accolades followed from film to stage

For this precious actress who never seemed to age

Tiffany glass and a Nun story too

All they kept saying was “Darling, thank you!”


Peck, Holden, and Bogart in tow

Cooper, Perkins, and Peppard in Soho

Leading men were before her smitten

Reduced to but a babbling kitten.


So goodbye Audrey Hepburn; we wish we were there

To witness a lady – a lady so fair

Who managed to take the world by storm

But only with the most impeccable form.


Shakespearean Sonnet

The World’s Eyes

The world’s eyes gaze upon the life below

A sea of humans beating a heart so bright

The joys, the cries, the anger may not show

The shades of darkness piercing through the light


The world’s not perfect as we clearly know

A child’s memories rise but sometimes fall

Their dreams must always reach from high to low

Inspired daily by the fighters call


There may be times in which I choose to stop

The aches, the pains, heartbreaks forevermore

But I refuse to start anew a top

For me the sky’s the limit not the floor


That constellation oh so far away

Is only but a fingertip highway