Orlando Sentinel: It’s not Bert the Turtle’s world anymore

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duck and cover
Students at Citrus Elementary School take cover in response to the “duck and cover” command, at the front of the classroom during a statewide tornado drill in 2007. (Ken Lopez / Orlando Sentinel)

In 1951, the Astoria School System in New York City produced a documentary called “Duck and Cover: Bert the Turtle.” The objective was not only to raise awareness of the imminent threat of a potential nuclear catastrophe through the explosion of an atomic bomb, but also to provide a road map if the threat became a reality.

Bert the Turtle became famous for talking to younger lower school pupils as well as older middle and high school students about what to do in the event we were warned by adults of a possible danger or, worse yet, if we actually saw “the flash!” Inevitably, the rule was to duck and cover because, when we did see the flash, bad things were about to happen… Read more.

Video source: Duck and Cover staring Bert the Turtle is a 1951 Civil Defense Film

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