Revisiting SEE Eyewear & LensCrafters

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Back on July 5, 2017, I blogged about an experience I had shopping at LensCrafters and then eventually at SEE Eyewear. You can find the link to that story here.

The gist of the blog was that I had gone to LensCrafters for an eye check-up conducted by Dr. David Feenstra, and then was turned over by the receptionist to the sales team who walked me through the pricing for getting lenses in my existing frames. The upshot was that, with their advertised 20% discount, it turned out it was cheaper for me to buy a brand new pair of glasses than it was to put a new prescription into the existing glasses I liked. Everybody at LensCrafters was very nice, polite and pleasant, but the economics just didn’t make any sense to me. So I called Winter Park’s SEE Eyewear and asked Milena, the Manager, if their pricing allowed her to do anything better. She told me to come in and they would be happy to offer me a 40% discount on new lenses, regardless of whether I bought the frames at SEE Eyewear or someplace else. That worked for me and it ended up costing half of what it would have been at LensCrafters.

Now to the present!

It was time again to go through the routine since I needed to get my eyes checked. I went to Dr. David Feenstra, who again did his usual great job. When the receptionist checked me out and was about to turn me over to the salespeople at LensCrafters, she happened to look down at her screen and said something like “ . . . oh, I noticed that you like SEE better.” I laughed, realizing that they must have seen the blog I posted last year. I asked her, out of curiosity, whether LensCrafters’ policy had changed or do they still offer the typical 20% discount, which, I said, makes it impractical to put new lenses into existing frames. She said that they hadn’t changed their policy on pricing, so I thanked her and called Milena. Of course, everybody at SEE Eyewear was delightful and I got the job done again at a 40% discount which saved me quite a bit. I then asked Milena whether this is something she was doing for me specifically or would it be okay if I made it known on my blog again. She told me that she would be happy to honor the 40% discount for anyone who comes in as a result of the blog.

So, in any event, my friends, if you want to keep the glasses you have, regardless of where you bought them, don’t hesitate to give Milena a call at SEE Eyewear on Park Avenue in Winter Park: 407-599-5455. She and her exceptional team will take care of you.

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